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Point and PayPal Commissions - OPEN

Sat Dec 30, 2017, 2:34 PM

I'm currently doing commissions,but i can't tell how much time it will take me to finish them since i'm currently very busy, so they may take 5-7 days, but if i can i'll try to finish them sooner than that.
The prices range from 400 Points/4$ to 3300 Points/33$, and they will rise as my skill level rises, so they will change eventually, this is just for the beginning.

Here are the examples of the styles that you can request in a commission:
My new OC - Appa! by MisaKarin Experimenting my style (and FireAlpaca) by MisaKarin Marmellata by MisaKarin(My style)
Blake waifu~ by MisaKarin Commission - girl with a rifle by MisaKarin (Anime style) 
Marmellata formal by MisaKarin  Halloween costume by MisaKarin (Kind of cartoon style)


☆ Pixel art:

Pixel icon, not animated - 400 Points/4$ 
New Canvas by MisaKarin  iconREM by MisaKarin 
Pixel icon ,animated type 1- 500 Points/5$ 
Art trade - Lissy by MisaKarin  :FREE: Rem icon by MisaKarin 5a7328939994e245556345 by MisaKarin

Pixel icon ,animated type 2- 500 Points/5$

MarmellataSit by MisaKarin

☆Art with sketchy lines:

Sketch lines, head shot - 600 Points/6$

Old OC Daruko by MisaKarin  

Sketch lines, full body - 1500 :points:/15$

Sayaka Miki - Sketch commission example by MisaKarin

☆Art with clear linework:

Chibi, full body - 1000 Points/10$
  KeroTama for Valentines day! by MisaKarin  Chibi Kizana Sunobu | Yandere Sim [+SPEEDPAINT] by MisaKarin  Commission - Loke by MisaKarin

Half body no background or only color - 2000 Points/20$
  Weiss by MisaKarin  Pink Diamond by MisaKarin

Full body, no background or only color - 2500 Points/25$
   Amanda - Contest Entry by MisaKarin  Appa in casual outfit by MisaKarin Commission by MisaKarin
Full body with exclusive detail (no background) - 2900 Points/29$
Commission - girl with a rifle by MisaKarin  Commission - Princess commanding by MisaKarin

Full body, background/scenery - 3000 Points/30$
  002 by MisaKarin  Pearl by MisaKarin  MerMay 2018 by MisaKarin

Reference sheet - 3300 Points/33$
Marmellata character sheet by MisaKarin  Adoptable Auction - Valeria (SOLD) by MisaKarin
It would cost 3300 Points if it's just full body with minor details character sheet (like the first one)
Additional features would of course raise the price like:

-Facial expressions(every new one would add 2$ each to the final price)



1. You will need to pay me half of the price right away, and other half at the end, so that i can know it isn't a scam and that you're serious about the commissions. With that, i will contact you by sending the screenshots of the drawing to see if you like it before i start coloring it, and if there's a little detail that i missed
2. I don't draw furry characters(but i CAN draw humans with ears or tail if that the only fur part), pornography(or nudity), armor(or anything/character overly detailed),muscular characters, only backgrounds, incest, fetish art.
3. If you want to commission me, send me the note in which you'll say exactly want you want, the pose in which you would like to see your character in, which style you would like and anything else.
4. Check my gallery to kinda get the idea of what i can and can't do.
5. Avoid making changes in the design or demanding something else after you paid me and i started doing it.
6. If you want me to draw more than one, it would mean that for each new character you add the price for one person (for example, you want two characters half body, if one character costs 1500 Points/15$, two of them would be 3000 Points/30$, except for the full body with background, where the first character would cost 3000 Points/30$ because of the background, and the second character would cost 2500 Points /25$)
7. Don't cancel the commission after you've paid me, since i might be in process of drawing that piece.
8. You can't resell my artwork or claim it as your own(therefore, you are not allowed to remove my watermark from my drawings).

Skin by Winyumi (modified by MisaKarin)
jishionai Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, um, are you able to do like fox ears and tail on a character, I don't think that's considered furry, anyways. I would like to commission a full body, if the earlier statement is possible... .3.
MisaKarin Featured By Owner Edited Dec 31, 2017   Digital Artist
Yeah, that's okay since the character's not fully in fur.
Please send me the details about the character in the note! :)
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